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Boer and Sons has supplied dairy farms in the area with sand for many years. While sand is an effective bedding material, area farmers have gotten tired of the drawbacks, like sand bars in their lagoons, damage to pumps, no field value, and less than the best cow comfort.

Boer and Sons has a solution to this problem. The solution is a specially formulated bedding lime that has the dairyman in mind. This product has proven to be excellent in cow comfort, and excellent in killing bacteria in the free stall area. This bedding lime will not turn hard when getting wet, and will not damage pumps when pumping. This product has all the benefits of great bedding with the added advantage of lime value in the field when spread. Sand does nothing but cause problems outside the barn while bedding lime is a help to your operation from bedding to spreading. Boer and Sons can explain the differences between sand and lime bedding and costs that go with each. They’ve had several dairy customers that will not return to sand once they have handled manure with bedding lime in it, and they’ve experienced the advantages of herd health and comfort.

Boer and Sons trucks can haul you small tandem loads to try and get started on the project, or they can haul you multiple semi loads per week to meet your bedding needs.

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