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In 2014 Boer and Sons purchased an AT-7 gravel placement machine (gravel shooter). This shooter makes simple work of placing aggregate in hard to reach areas. It also greatly reduces time to place aggregate in any areas when compared to conventional methods.

The shooter can place material over 100 ft from the machine. The operator controls the movement of the machine remotely, and the machine is completely self propelled. You simply load the hopper with material using a loader or skid loader, and the machine will placed it where you need it.

With the shooter, we can place pea rock in a standard basement in under 1 hour. We also have backfilled garages with compaction, and we are shooting up to 5 tons per minute.

The AT-7 shooter is to gravel what the concrete pump is to concrete. Call us today for your placement needs, whether it be 3 tons of landscape rock, 500 tons of gravel, or even a load of topsoil. With the shooter, its uses are only limited by the ability to get the aggregate to the machine and be able to convey it to its proper place.

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